Why study in Singapore?

First of all, I love Singapore. I like the Singaporean way of living. I am having a career break and I feel that Singapore is the best place for me to re-charge my career.

Singapore is one of the best cities in the world and a diploma from Singapore is always valuable. Besides, I think Singapore is well developed in the field of hospitality management.


I chose BITC because of the hospitality management in patisserie and baking course. I love baking and I want to start a new career as a baking chef.

What do you like about BITC?

My lecturer, Stanley sir. I like his way of teaching. He is very friendly to students. He helps us to adjust to the life in Singapore.

In this diploma course, the lecturers give their best in the classroom. In the kitchen, the chef instructors teach us baking skills and help us to understand baking recipes.

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