Vision, Mission, Core Values Statement

Our vision is to be a top provider of choice for quality training and education in the baking, food and services industry.


Our mission is to create opportunities for learners to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies so that they can find jobs or start their own business in the baking, food and services industry.


Quality – To establish and maintain high quality standards in services and products, and be curious in seeking improvements.

Productivity – To complete our tasks and responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

Value – To create value beyond customer expectations.

Our corporate logo represents:
BITC logo

The Chef’s hat represents the goal of our students to become professional members of the baking industry.

The baking pin symbolizes patisserie and baking as an industry.

BITC stands for “Baking Industry Training College”.

A Baking School for All

For All Ages For Passion For Happiness For an Exciting Career