BITC provides a comprehensive range of Student Support Services for all international students enrolled at the college. The aim is to make the learning experience holistic and memorable.


New students are required to attend an orientation so as to familiarise themselves with the college policies and environment. During the orientation, students will be briefed on the following:

  • BITC’s Vision, Mission and Values
  • Student Portal
  • Advisory Note to Student
  • Standard PEI – Student Contract
  • Student Handbook
  • Additional information for International Students
  • Course Information
  • Leave of Absence/Disciplinary Issues
  • Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)
  • Medical Insurance 
  • Policies and Procedures – Transfer, Withdrawal and Deferment
  • Refund Policy and Procedure
  • Feedback and Suggestions
  • List of Student Support Services 
  • School Attire
  • Resources and Facilities

Accommodation Advice

Students who need help on accommodation may approach the student support team. Although BITC does not own or operate any hostel, our student support executives can provide impartial advice and information on accommodation in Singapore to students.

Medical Insurance

All registered students attending BITC courses are covered by Group Hospitalization & Surgical (GHS) Insurance. The insurer is Liberty Insurance (

The plan provides the following:

  • annual coverage limit of not less than S$30,000 per student;
  • B1 wards / 4-bedder (all student)
  • 24-hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in college-related activities) throughout the course duration

Please note that all pre-existing illnesses are not covered.

Request For Letters

Students who require identity verification letters may approach the student support team for assistance. Such letters are usually needed for purposes of opening bank accounts, rental agreement, telephone sign-up, etc.

Pastoral Counselling

Students who face difficulties in studies or personal life are strongly encouraged to speak to our counsellors. The BITC pastoral counsellors lend a listening ear as well as guide students in coming up with solutions to their problems. Areas which students may need pastoral counselling include:

  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Conduct and Discipline
  • Stress and Time management
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety and Mood issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Image and Self-esteem
  • Bullying
  • Weight issues
  • Addictions

Students can write to or approach any lecturer or student support staff for a confidential discussion.

Student Events

A vibrant college life makes the entire college experience memorable and enriching. BITC has a range of exciting events and programmes which allows our students to enjoy themselves, learn a new skill or contribute to a worthy cause.

Category Examples
Community & Environment Visit to Charity
Clean-up at public beach or park
Leadership Student Leaders’ Retreat
Health Ambassadors
Professional Skills Baking Contest
Table-setting Contest
Business Plan Competition
Careers Talks by Industry practitioners
Talks by universities
Health and Sports BITC Sentosa Walk
Mass Exercise
Health Posters Design Competition
Talks on Health
Safety and Security Evacuation Drill
SCDF Training
SPF Training
Outdoor Learning Sentosa
Botanic Gardens
Marina Barrage
Southern Ridges
Social Lunar New Year Celebration
Deepavali Celebration
Christmas Celebration

Academic Support

Students who require academic support may approach their lecturers. The aim of academic support is to help academically weak students improve their study skills and their ability to cope with examinations and assignments. BITC provides academic support through regular workshops, mentorship, counselling and examination revision classes.

Academic Progression Guidance

Students who wish to progress to overseas institutions for further studies may consult the marketing team. BITC has agreements with universities and colleges in the UK & Australia. BITC staff will provide critical course information as well as advice on application procedures to students. Representatives from partner institutions also visit BITC regularly to conduct information sessions for students.

Career & Internship Guidance

For students who are enrolled in courses with industry attachment component, BITC provides the following:

  • Pre-internship Screening interview
  • Resume writing workshop
  • Personal Grooming & Etiquette workshop
  • Mock Interview
  • Internship placement

Students who need advice on employment in Singapore may also consult our experienced Industry Liaison team.