First week of January 2024, our Diploma in Hospitality (Café Operations) students experienced the delightful journey of making their first egg tarts and fruit tarts! 🍰👩‍🍳

It wasn’t just about perfecting the custard’s silky texture or achieving that golden crust; it was a day to nurture the spirit of teamwork. With every whisk and roll, friendships were formed and skills were honed.🍓🎨 Beyond the classic petal garnishes, students crafted intricate decorations in the shapes of butterflies and Christmas trees, adding a dash of festive spirit and innovative flair to their fruity creations. 🌟📚🚀

The results? A feast for the eyes and a dance of flavors on the tongue. Every bite was a testament to their hard work and passion. 🥧💕

At BITC, we don’t just bake – we create memories, we build skills, and we foster the future of the hospitality industry. Stay tuned for more delicious updates!

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