According to recent reports, the number of cannabis users in Singapore reached a 10-year high in 2023, 🥹 with a significant portion of new users being under the age of 30. This alarming trend underscores the need for ongoing education and preventive measures to combat drug abuse among the youth.
On May 21, BITC students attended an enlightening talk organized by the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association ( SANA) to learn about the dangers of drug abuse and how to stay drug-free. Dressed in coordinated black and white outfits, the students actively participated in the session, engaging in discussions and a lively Q&A segment. 💁‍♂️💁
During the talk, students learned about commonly abused drugs, the risks associated with drug use, and strategies to resist peer pressure. The speaker emphasized the importance of making informed decisions and staying vigilant against the allure of drugs.
The session concluded with a fun and educational quiz, where several students showcased their newfound knowledge and secured top positions. This event not only educated but also empowered the youth to make positive choices and lead healthy, drug-free lives.