History of Baking Industry Training College


BITC was established in 1993 as Baking Industry Training Centre. Officially opened by Mr. Lim Boon Heng, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Trade and Industry

In 2010, it was incorporated as a private limited company, and in 2014, it was renamed as Baking Industry Training College (BITC).

In 2016, BITC was awarded the 4-years EduTrust Certification by Committee for Private Education (CPE).

In 2020, BITC relocated to a new campus in Bukit Merah Central. BITC expanded its’ operations with a branch at Tai Seng (Singapore) and established collaboration partnership with two(2) overseas centres in India and Mauritius to offer the diploma programs.

BITC renewed its EduTrust Certification in 2021 and further expanded with a new branch at Havelock 2 (Singapore).

Currently, BITC offers educational and training services through its’ School of Baking and School of Higher Education.


Vision, Mission and Culture

BITC’s Vision is to be a premier institution for quality training and education in the baking and related industries in Singapore and the region.

Our Mission is to create opportunities for ALL learners to acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies for home-based business and for employment in the baking and related industries in Singapore and other parts of the world.

We utilize the acronym BITC to articulate our Values.

BOLDNESS – We exhibit boldness and a strong will to win in every aspect of our business.

IMPROVEMENTS – We continuously improve and innovate in pursuit of excellence.

TEAMWORK – We put company interest before individual interests to work towards and accomplish the larger objectives of the company.

COMMITMENT – We are committed to being the best and deliver superior results for all.


BITC Facilities

Currently, BITC operates with 3 branches located at Bukit Merah Central, Tai Seng, and Havelock with its’ head quarter at Bukit Merah Central. The 3 branches have a combined facilities of 15 no. of well-equipped Baking Workshops with capacity to train 600 students at any one time and 12 no. of Classrooms with capacity to deliver lessons to more than 400 students at any one time.

School of Baking

BITC’s School of Baking offers 21 no. of WSQ courses covering:

  • Bread Courses: Make Basic Breads, Make Café Style Breads Ake Artisan & Decorative Breads.
  • Cake Courses: Make Basic Cakes, Prepare Advanced Cakes, Make Muffins and Scones.
  • Pastry Courses: Make Choux Pastries, Make Puff Pastry, Make Yeast-Raised Pastries.
  • Dim Sum Courses: Prepare Basic Dim Sum Dishes, Prepare Dry Heat and Moist Heat Asian Desserts (Intermediate Dim Sum), Prepare Advanced Dim Sum Dishes,
  • Peranakan Courses: Prepare Basic Peranakan Cuisines, Prepare Advanced Peranakan Cuisines; Dessert Courses: Prepare Basic Chinese Desserts, Prepare Basic Malay Desserts.
  • Other Courses: Make Tarts & Short-Crust Pastries, Make Cookies, Prepare Intermediate Pastries – Entremets & Tarts ,Bread Preparation Level 1 ,Prepare Wholesome Confinement Dishes – Level 2


School of Higher Education

BITC’s School of Higher Education offers courses in disciplines related to Baking, Hospitality, Business, Retail and Supply Chain which are registered with CPE. The courses are as follows: 

  1. Certificate in Baking Principles
  2. Diploma in Business and Technology
  3. Diploma in Retail & Supply Chain Management
  4. Diploma in Hospitality Management (Patisserie & Baking)
  5. Diploma in Hospitality Management (Patisserie & Baking) (Chinese)
  6. Diploma in Patisserie and Baking
  7. Diploma in Pastry and Baking Arts
  8. Diploma in Hospitality (Café Operations)
  9. Diploma in Hospitality (Café Operations) (Chinese)
  10. Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Operations
  11. Advanced Diploma in Hospitality (Café Management)
  12. Advanced Diploma in Hospitality (Café Management) (Chinese)
  13. Advanced Diploma in Retail and Supply Chain Management
  14. Higher Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  15. Higher Diploma in Business Management
  16. Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  17. Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality (Café Management)
  18. Postgraduate Diploma in Retail and Supply Chain Management


Industrial Attachment

Most of the courses offered by BITC comprises the Industrial Attachment (IA) module which is a compulsory and integral part of the course, where learners will apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to a real work setting. The college will deploys learners/students to suitable positions in the related Industry for a period of 6 months.

BITC has more than 200 Industrial Attachment Partner in Singapore


A Baking School for All

At BITC, we strive to be a “Baking School for All”. Since its inception, BITC has trained more than 30,000 students to become skilled and semi-skilled employable workers for the baking industry in Singapore and the region.

We have established ourselves as a credible and robust institution known for being caring and socially responsible and for the delivery of effective, quality, and affordable education and training services to our students.

Prospective students are encouraged to explore the myriad opportunities and offerings at BITC and discover how this institution can transform lives through education and training. BITC stands as a shining beacon in the world of baking education, ready to shape the future of the industry for many more.

Happy 30th Anniversary, BITC!

(As of September 2023)