Starting from 5 April 2021, STP holders are to apply for their entry approvals directly via the Safe Travel Office (STO) website. This is part of the Singapore Government’s efforts to streamline entry application processes for travellers.  MOE will not be accepting applications for entry approvals via Baking Industry Training College (BITC). 

Approvals required for all International Students entering Singapore :

  1. Approval of IPA by Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and
  2. Approval of entry via Safe Travel Office Website.

Contract & Confirmation Letter 

Students are required to sign the Student Contract once they have received it along with their Confirmation Letter. They should undertake to send a copy of the signed Student Contract to the school. 

Fees & Medical Insurance

Students are encouraged to pay their course fees together with the medical insurance payment to the school promptly within 2 weeks upon receipt of STP-IPA approval notification from ICA.

Safe Travel Office Application

Under the STO system, STP holders and their accompanying family members (if eligible)  are to apply for entry directly through an online portal instead of through BITC, up to around two months in advance. 

Eligible applicants would be prompted to make payment (where required) and Approval Letters of Entry (ALE) would be issued immediately upon successful payment. The ALE would be valid for one week (Monday – Sunday of the week of the declared travel date).

STP holders are advised to plan well in advance in applying for entry as payments are non-refundable.

  • 14-day SHN includes food and board  (Charge of S$2,000 GST inclusive)
  • Swab on Day 11 (Charge of S$125 GST inclusive) 

The charges reflected above are subject to changes. Please check with the STO website.

Book Ticket for Flight to Singapore

Upon making the necessary payments as indicated above, STPs are to note that the ALE would be valid for one week (Monday – Sunday of the week of the declared travel date). Otherwise, the ALE will lapse. 

STPs planning to enter Singapore will be subjected to prevailing border measures and SHN policies upon entry. This potentially includes incurring additional charges for their eventual SHN accommodation based on prevailing policies at the time.

STPs are required to inform BITC immediately upon booking their flight tickets to Singapore. 


  • PCR Test

STPs must undertake a mandatory pre-departure COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test within 72 hrs before departure and submit documentary proof of a negative Covid-19 PCR test to BITC,  24 hours before departure. This is to facilitate SHN medical insurance coverage when students arrive in Singapore. Failure to show documentary proof will result in refusal of the said insurance coverage.

The above-mentioned documentary proof (test results) must also be produced at the Singapore immigration, failing which the students will be refused entry, even if they have a valid ALE.

  • Submission of Pre-trip Health/Travel History Declarations 

Students are also required to do an Online Health Declaration before traveling to Singapore via SG Arrival Card (SGAC) e-service. The link is available on the Safe travel Office website.

  • Installation of Mandatory Mobile Applications

It is mandatory for students to install and activate the TraceTogether, Homer and WhatsApp mobile applications on their mobile phones.

On Arrival SWAB test

STPs will be required to undergo and pay S$ 160.00 (subject to change) for an on-arrival COVID-19 swab test. This test is on top of the payment that you have made for the SDF stay and Day 11 exit swab. To expedite the Covid-19 swab test for those arriving at the airport, students are strongly encouraged to register and pre-pay for the test prior to departing for Singapore. If students refuse to take the on-arrival swab test, they may be prosecuted under the Singapore Infectious Diseases Act.

Mandatory SHN (Quarantine) 

STPs are required to serve a mandatory 14 days SHN upon arrival in Singapore. SHN will be at a Stay-Home Notice Dedicated Facility (SDF). STPs will be allocated SDF to serve the SHN only upon arrival, based on the return date and availability of hotels. In line with all other returnees, no choice of hotel will be offered. Transport will be arranged to bring the student from the airport directly to the SDF. Room sharing is allowed for STPs (who are family members) staying in SDF only. SHNs are legal notices issued under Singapore’s Infectious Diseases Act, any breach in the SHN requirements is punishable under Singapore laws.