This February 7th, the classrooms of BITC were transformed into a festive celebration ground for the Lunar New Year. Our talented students took the lead in beautifying the space with handmade decorations, turning every corner into a vibrant showcase of cultural heritage.

The day was filled with enriching activities where students delved into the traditions of the Lunar New Year through insightful explanations by our instructors. Sharing mandarin oranges as a symbol of prosperity and watching engaging videos, everyone got to learn and appreciate the depth of this wonderful culture.


Laughter and joy resonated throughout the classrooms as students engaged in various fun games, making the celebration even more memorable. It was a beautiful day of cultural exchange, learning, and unity, reflecting the spirit of the Lunar New Year in the heart of BITC.


In the beauty of Singapore, under skies so bright,

B I T C students gather, in the day’s light.

Lanterns glow in scarlet hues,

classrooms brimming with cheer.

Welcoming the Dragon Year, as it draws near.


Red dragons, warm hearts, on this day we say,

With friends and mentors, in a grand array.

Oranges shared, wishes fly, prosperity to cheer,

In Singapore’s warm embrace, harmony is here.


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