Today, teachers and students at BITC gathered to explore the enchanting world of baking. In this professional baking workshop, we embarked on a journey to create delicious baguettes and garlic bread.

First, we started from scratch with our dough-making process. Students enthusiastically participated, kneading, mixing, and fermenting the dough, ensuring each step was executed perfectly.

Next, our instructors unveiled the art of shaping the dough into exquisite baguettes. Specialized tools and precise angles were introduced to help us create intricate and captivating patterns on the bread’s surface. Slicing, garlic seasoning, buttering – each step was a delightful experience.

Finally, our creations were presented on the table, with the baguettes and garlic bread baked to perfection, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Everyone enjoyed tasting their own masterpieces and sharing the joy and deliciousness of baking.

This workshop not only taught us how to make delectable bread but also strengthened teamwork and culinary skills. Thanks to all the teachers and students who participated, making this event so special! 👨‍🍳🥐👩‍🍳

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