What a blast! 🎉 Our Student Council and BITC’s School of Higher Education came tog ether to make this year’s Singapore National Day unforgettable.

First, our awesome faculty and Student Council whipped up some delicious cupcakes to get everyone excited. 🧁❤️

On the big day, we kicked things off with inspiring words from Mr. Chay, our Executive Chairman. Then, we sang our hearts out to the Singapore national anthem and danced away with a fun Zumba session. 💃🕺

Mr. Nathan took us on a journey through Singapore’s history, while Mr. Raj brought the quiz fever with Kahoot. 🧠🏆

Laughter echoed as our Student Council led games that had everyone hooked. 🎯And let’s not forget the awesome prizes for our winners!

Huge shoutout to our incredible staff and students who made this day a success. Together, we celebrated Singapore’s spirit with pride and joy. 🥳🎊

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