🚨👨‍🚒 Over 200 BITC students took their first steps towards becoming community first responders on March 20th and 21th, attending a hands-on 4-hour training session at the Yishun SCDF as part of the Responders Plus Programme (RPP) In-Person.

At the heart of the RPP conducted at SCDF Division Headquarters, the focus was on immersive, hands-on learning, equipping students with:

📘 Essential Emergency Preparedness Knowledge

🩹 First Aid


🔥 Fire Safety and Evacuation Procedure

🛡️ SG Secure

The training emphasized the tactile, the real, the hands-on—because when it comes to emergencies, experience is everything. Students practiced extinguishing actual fires, applying bandages, performing CPR, and conducting evacuation procedures, all under the expert guidance of SCDF professionals.

Completing the RPP, students received e-Certificates, affirming their ability to respond to emergencies with competence. They also took home a plastic firefighter helmet, not just as a souvenir, but as a symbol of their new skills and readiness to act.

Hats off to these dedicated learners, now part of Singapore’s life-saving force, ready to take on the SG Secure mantle with hands-on skills that could one day save lives.

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Fire Safety and Evacuation Procedure


First Aid