April 23rd was a standout day at BITC as nearly 200 students celebrated #Puthandu, the Sinhala-Tamil New Year, with an array of lively group games. The Orange Spoon Relay saw students display incredible dexterity, balancing small green tangerines on spoons held firmly in their mouths—a true test of stability sans hands. Meanwhile, the Tug-of-War demanded strength and teamwork. Laughter ensued as students hopped in sacks to the finish line and popped balloons while blindfolded.
The highlight was the thrilling Banana Eating Contest, where teams battled to see who could eat their bananas the fastest – it was all about speed – no monkey business here! 🍌
Competition was fierce, and after a neck-and-neck battle, a rock-paper-scissors duel decided the runners-up. With undeniable skill, the orange team proudly clinched the championship! 🥇
This celebration wasn’t just fun; it underscored the value of unity and collective effort, capturing the New Year’s spirit. Kudos to all who participated and made this day a treasure trove of joy and team spirit!